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Quote Episode: The Stoic Philosophy of Marcus Aurelius

1 year ago

Welcome to The Pocket Philosopher, a podcast where we explore the ideas and concepts of philosophy and Stoicism to figure out how to live better and more resilient lives.

This is a quote episode that will focus on the Stoic philosophy of Marcus Aurelius. While Aurelius is know best for being an Emperor of Rome, he was also an excellent Stoic philosopher and left us with his journal, Meditations. This book is still read to this day and is one of the most prominent texts on Stoicism.

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Philosophy can be a confusing subject. Join me, Tobias Weaver on a podcast exploring practical Stoic philosophy with the aim to help you to develop the conditions of your mind to improve the conditions of your life. Here we'll explores the ideas of ancient philosophy, modern philosophy, Stoicism and psychology to outline ways to take ownership for our well-being and build a steady resilience to life's hardships. In the face of increasing stress, anxiety, depression and general threats to mental health, the goal of The Pocket Philosopher is to provide practical tools to help us remain calm, stable, and content, regardless of the storms that threaten to unbalance us.